Welcome to the wonderful world of J.Weithers Realty!


I get so many questions via social media, text messages, DMs, SnapChat, phone calls and every other way possible someone can get in contact with me about becoming a home owner! It seems like the excitement to ditch the greedy landlord and start owning your own is burning in almost everyone. I figured it was time to educate everyone with this social media buzz thing called blogging. (&& Jade my best friend said we need to start blogging about something)

So here we are and the first topic is “Let’s Get Under Contract”

The photo above is from two days ago – an accepted contract for my lovely buyers out in Dallas, GA. Yes I drove to Dallas, GA about 7 times in one week to show them everything the market had to offer. It got away from us at first, but we submitted a back up offer and kept following up until the pearly white gates opened up and our contract was accepted!

So, what do you need in order to “Get Under Contract?” – Here is a list to consider prior to starting your homeownership journey.

  1. Find that perfect realtor (she isn’t far, you are reading her blog (: just send me an email or text and ill be here to help every step of the way) Your realtor needs to be as informative as possible, their job is to educate you, help guide your decision making- NOT tell you what to do.
  2. Speak with a loan officer, your bank or accountant about getting pre qualified. Your realtor should have some contacts for you if you need help getting with a lender. If they do not then run for the hills, every great realtor has a great preferred lender. While you are running make sure to call me!
  3. Credit Check- a lot of people don’t know if their credit is “good enough”- don’t make this decision alone. Get with the professionals and they can help you weigh out your options and create a plan if work is needed. Everyone has a different situation and every loan is different.

Please be on the look out for more follow up post as we groom you into an educated buyer, seller or even investor! The Atlanta market is constantly revolving and its always better to start your journey NOW rather than LATER.


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